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Disneyland Paris Holiday Bargains

Doing its American cousins proud, this French addition to the family is spreading a little more of the Disney magic around. Visit Sleeping Beauty 's castle and meet Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or the pirates from Peter Pan . Small children will love the razzamatazz of the Disney parade, while older kids might prefer to pick out their favourite rides while touring the site on the park's own mini railway.

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Having been to a company kickoff meeting at Disneyland Paris recently, we found the place to be really exciting even though there were no children with us. During our free time we walked around the large site and some of us went on the rides (including the amazing roller-coasters!) and had a great time.

We really did have the feeling we were in America, even though we were only an hour's flight from the UK. Obviously the younger generation who are lucky enough to have a holiday at Disneyland Paris get a bigger buzz out of seeing Mickey Mouse and his friends at breakfast, but even the less relaxed of our party found it hard to remain uptight in that environment.

We recommend a holiday at Disneyland Paris for (as they say) children of all ages. You're never too old!

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